The purpose of this blog is to share with you my fishing storys and adventures. I know we can teach each other some tips and tricks along the way. I want all of you to feel like your part of a family. Like when your on your way to your favorite fishing spot and you stop at that same little cafe with the way to happy waitress that has renamed you Sugar for no specific reason. You all know the place i`m talking about. The one that cooks the food right behind the counter not in some long forgotten back room. As you sit down the cook drops whatever he`s doing to tell you the hottest most accurate most up to date fishing report. I hope that you all get that feeling from this blog. Please leave any questions and comments that you have. I will take time to answer each and every comment or try to fix any problem that you may have of this blog. Because without each and everyone of you this blog is just a bunch of words. This blogs for you!

So until the next fishing hole.

Carpe Langousta