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         Well one more time at Mud Lake. This will probably be the last time for this lake this year. Although I’ve had pretty good luck there this year. Next weekend it will be off to Red cedar south of Cambridge. Home of Matt Kenseth for all you race fans. Anyway I got to the lake at about 0700 in the morning a nice 25 degrees with just a slight Southern wind and no sun. I wanted to get there early because For the past few days the big ones had been biting in the morning. I only had about two hours to fish cause i had a honey do list. All you guys know about them. It’s the list that is more important than fishing or so the misses thinks. I was fishing on the west side of the lake in about 5 or 6 feet of water under 5 inches of ice. I ended up catching about 10 nice Bluegills two of the biggest pictured here. When you get into these big slabbers they fight like there a great big old catfish. Obviously no one told them that they are just Bluegills. The biggest one pictured on the bottom of the Photo almost took my pole into the water. I was baiting up my other pole and at the same time this pig just hit the jig took off and didn’t let go. the only thing that saved my pole was the lip of the sled on my shanty. All in all it was a good trip. Next weekend I’m taking out the old Lewfinator. He is retiring from work this thursday so its time to get him hooked on one the greatest sports of all time. FISHING!!!!!!

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta









Well back at mud lake again. Just Can’t get away from this lake this year. Usually have decent luck the first week or so and move on the another lake but this year this lake has a special feel. Today was a blustery 12 degrees and probably a 5- 10 mile an hour wind out of the north and 100% sunshine. I didn’t get out to the lake very early about 1400 and of course everyone that I talked to said that they were biting all morning long till about noon and then it was a light switch and they just shut off. So i Fished on the western side of the lake where everyone else was fishing and caught 9 little Gills and one little Crappie. In 3 1/2 hours nothing worth keeping. The ones that were biting were biting on chartreuse with gold sparkles and nothing else. I was fishing in about 5 feet of water on about 5 inches of ice. Not bad gained three inches of ice in about 5 1/2 days.










Alright back on the ice again 2 days in a row. Feel like I need to make up for lost time. It was a Cool day about 20 degrees and a very light southern wind. I Caught 21 Blue Gills and 2 Crappie. The morning started off pretty slow fished from about 0700 till 1200 and only caught one small blue gill. At noon I moved to the south central part of the lake and it was like fishing on a different lake. I caught 21 fish in 2 1/2 hours. I was using a Purple and goldish orange jig. It wasnt the weird color jig that threw me off it was what I was doing to catch them. I would go all the way to the bottom Keep it there for about 5 seconds raise it up about three feet for about 10 seconds and then lower it back down to within 6 inches of the bottom and hold it there. At no point was I jigging. It was really weird. Never caught gills like that before. This was all in about 7-8 feet of water on two inches of ice. All in all it turned out to be one of the best days of ice fishing that ive ever had. All summer long I slatter the catfish but on the ice it seems that im a fish out of water “No pun intended”.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta


Well back on the ice again. I went to one of my favorite early ice spots. Although on a normal year this would be mid to late ice. But this year its early ice. There was probably 100 people on the ice today. All of them probably thinking the same as me. “Get on the ice and just fish because you don’t know how long it’s going to be there.”

25 degrees mostly cloudy and just a slight breeze

Used green jigs and waxxies

Fishing in about 7 feet of water

Fished for 6 hours and caught 3 bluegills

Between hours of 0700- 1300


Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta










Well Look what time of year that it finally is. Been waiting for this day for 2 months. I didn’t think that was ever going to come. Rock lake went from no ice on the first of January to 7 inches on the 7th. On the 7th I had gotten 3 texts from people saying that people we fishing on rock lake. I had my doubts so I packed up all of my gear and set out for Rock Lake. I got there and the park was full of cars. I talked to a guy that was coming off of the lake and he told me there was 7 inches of ice and the gill’s were just hammering waxxies. So I set off on my first ice fishing adventure of the year. While I was fishing I saw one guy come out drill his hole sit down and catch 25 keeper Bluegills in about 30 minutes. There must have been the right vegetation where he drilled his hole. I myself have never had much luck on rock lake. My 11 fish was the best that I had ever done summer or winter.








It was 40 degrees and sunny with no wind.

The ice was 7 inches thick.

I was using green and yellow jigs with waxxies.

Fishing in about 8 feet of water.

In 3 hours I caught 11 bluegills all were keepers never had to throw any back.

Fished between the hours of 2PM-5PM.

Stinkbait For Winter Cats

I had a recent comment on one of my posts if I fish for Cats in the winter and if i used stink bait for them. So I wanted to take the time to answer that Question. The answer is Yes and No. Although I have personally not had much luck doing so I have heard of people using it with much luck. On Lake Mendota the north-east corner of the lake by the rock pile is a great place to try to catch a cat through the ice. A lot of people including myself use Chubs, minnows or my favorite cut up carp.  Stink bait in my opinion is not really made to be used in the winter. It gets to hard and thick even when thinned down with some cooking oil. On top of those problems in  the spring when it warms up you have to add flour to your stink bait to firm it back up. So if you really wanted to fish for cats in the winter it is possible to catch them with stink bait. I just think you will get bored and head home empty handed way before you head home with a limit of Cats.

There are so many more fish that you can catch at this time of year its a waste to spend all that time trying to catch a fish that pretty inactive in the winter. I suggest some jigging for panfishing or some tip ups for Walleye, and Northern.

I hope that answered the question of the commenter. If anyone else Has any questions or helpful hints please post and I will do my best to get through all of them. Because without you my fellow blog followers I am just putting words on a screen. We all have the same goal and that’s to become better fishermen.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta


Ice Fishing

Wow the weather is just crazy for this time of year. I sure thought that I would be ice fishing by this time but with a high of 50 today that’s not going to happen. Starting to wonder if im going to get to out at all. I do think that when it finally decides to get cold that it is going to be so cold that you don’t even want to go outside. I guess that comes with living in Wisconsin. Everyone knows the saying for Wisconsin “If you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes.” I bought a new power auger this summer and im Just itching to try it out. In the past it was always a hand auger which limited me to where I could fish because a person just gets tired of drilling holes. So I had some pretty high hopes for this ice fishing season. there is still plenty of time left so I think I will still get my fill of ice fishing.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta




Hello everyone I am new to blogging. i made this blog to share with you my fishing adventures and stories. Hopfully you can pick up a helpful tip or trick along the way. We here in Wisconsin are between river fishing and ice fishing so it may be a little slow on blogging for the next couple weeks. Catfishing is my first love i love to just sit in a boat kicked back and shoot the crap with a buddy or two waiting for a Kitty to hit my pole. the picture attached to this is of a 16 pound cat out of the Rock river between Jefferson and Johnson creek in Jefferson county. Quite large cat for this area of the rock river. If all works like i plan you will be reading this post. Have my fingers crossed that it will work the first time that i try. Till the next time. CARPE LANGOUSTA!! <:}}}}<<<{


This is what its all about.