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Alright back on the ice again 2 days in a row. Feel like I need to make up for lost time. It was a Cool day about 20 degrees and a very light southern wind. I Caught 21 Blue Gills and 2 Crappie. The morning started off pretty slow fished from about 0700 till 1200 and only caught one small blue gill. At noon I moved to the south central part of the lake and it was like fishing on a different lake. I caught 21 fish in 2 1/2 hours. I was using a Purple and goldish orange jig. It wasnt the weird color jig that threw me off it was what I was doing to catch them. I would go all the way to the bottom Keep it there for about 5 seconds raise it up about three feet for about 10 seconds and then lower it back down to within 6 inches of the bottom and hold it there. At no point was I jigging. It was really weird. Never caught gills like that before. This was all in about 7-8 feet of water on two inches of ice. All in all it turned out to be one of the best days of ice fishing that ive ever had. All summer long I slatter the catfish but on the ice it seems that im a fish out of water “No pun intended”.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta



Stinkbait For Winter Cats

I had a recent comment on one of my posts if I fish for Cats in the winter and if i used stink bait for them. So I wanted to take the time to answer that Question. The answer is Yes and No. Although I have personally not had much luck doing so I have heard of people using it with much luck. On Lake Mendota the north-east corner of the lake by the rock pile is a great place to try to catch a cat through the ice. A lot of people including myself use Chubs, minnows or my favorite cut up carp.  Stink bait in my opinion is not really made to be used in the winter. It gets to hard and thick even when thinned down with some cooking oil. On top of those problems in  the spring when it warms up you have to add flour to your stink bait to firm it back up. So if you really wanted to fish for cats in the winter it is possible to catch them with stink bait. I just think you will get bored and head home empty handed way before you head home with a limit of Cats.

There are so many more fish that you can catch at this time of year its a waste to spend all that time trying to catch a fish that pretty inactive in the winter. I suggest some jigging for panfishing or some tip ups for Walleye, and Northern.

I hope that answered the question of the commenter. If anyone else Has any questions or helpful hints please post and I will do my best to get through all of them. Because without you my fellow blog followers I am just putting words on a screen. We all have the same goal and that’s to become better fishermen.

Until the next fishing hole

Carpe Langousta